A modular system used to provide inexpensive home automation. Individual modules are plugged into an electrical outlet, a device such as a lava lamp or a toaster is plugged into the module, an identifying code is set and you now have complete, remote control (well, you can turn it on and off) of the device. The system is especially cool when connected to your computer. See www.x10.com for more information.

X10 is the version of the X Window System or X preceding X11. X10, like X11, was an advanced protocol for graphical display and manipulation. It lacked many of the features and much of the power of X11.

A company well known for their widespread ads around the internet attempting to sell digital cameras and other fancy technology by using beautiful women wearing tight clothes and sitting/standing in provocative positiions.

Apparently they're only interested in selling to horny males and lesbians. And it can make one uncomfortable to read an article at work with this flashing image along the side of the page which looks more like a porn ad than a camera ad.

x10.com has recently taken to using popunder ads, which are even more insidious than popup ads.

However, there seems to be a way (as of this writing) to get rid of those ads, at least for 30 days, and if you're willing to accept a cookie from x10.com.

However, it has been reported that you can disable the ads for even longer. Notice the DAY=30 in the above URL. You can change it to, say, 3000, so that the url reads as follows:
The above will (theoretically) block X10.com ads for 3000 days. The realist in me, however, doubts that x10.com will let it last that long.

X10 is a protocol used in home electronics and automation where digital inforation is coded and transfered over the 60hz sine wave to receivers pluged into wall sockets. Ones are placed by adding a 1khz 'block' near the zero of the sine wave. The lack of such a block is interpreted as a zero. This is then decoded by the receivers and turned into various outputs such as removing power from that outlet to, say, turn off a light. x10.com markets video devices and other products compatable with this protocol.

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