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A PCI framebuffer card produced by Sun Microsystems, used in their UltraSPARC workstations. It is based on the 3DLabs Wildcat II chipset, and uses a 64-bit, 66MHz PCI interface.

The card can provide resolutions up to 1920x1200 in 38-bit color (30-bit RGB with 8 bits of alpha), though the actual display is shown in 24-bit color. It provides a 32-bit Z-buffer, 128MB of texture RAM and 32MB of framebuffer RAM, hardware accelerated geometry, texturing, transform and lighting plus 2D blits and copies. It also has the capability to provide stereoscopic output for 3D-display goggles or similar devices. This capability has been standard on Sun graphics cards since the ZX.

The XVR-500 was originally sold as both an upgrade to the earlier Expert3D Lite and a less expensive alternative to the XVR-1000 for the Sun Blade 1000 workstation, however, it is supported in all SPARC workstations since the Ultra 30, and in the V210, V240, V440, V480 and V880 servers. It provides a single HD15 video output and a mini-DIN 8-pin stereo connector.

Despite being a fairly high-end card, it is available on the used market quite inexpensively, perhaps as little as 50-75 USD. This card makes a very good upgrade for the Ultra 30, 60 and 80, as well as for the Blade series.

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