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This is a French action picture with an insignificant story line. Its attraction is the stunts performed by the main characters, most of whom are French Arabs. Two of the most memorable stunts are a scene near the beginning where the main characters all scale the outside of a high rise building at dawn, and one in the middle where two of them have an encounter with some angry guard-dogs in the bilevel foyer of a mansion. I think the dog-scene was the best in the movie.

Basically the whole movie is a series of stunts, without gore. The story is simple and embarrassingly shallow. But that's the Jackie Chan model for action pictures, and I fully approve of it. It consists of two elements: (1) throw out the actors and let the stuntmen commandeer the picture, and (2) don't let the story-line distract the audience from the stunts. Yamakasi toes this line well, and I enjoyed it. (I only wish Jackie Chan would stop trying to be an actor and go back to his old style, where arbitrary props suddenly come indispensibly to hand and mindless slapstick turns to Chaplinesque choreography.)

Yamakasi is in French. I saw it in Taiwan, where it had English and Chinese subtitles.

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