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Yankee Pot Roast is a restaurant in Vancouver, Washington. Just as the name implies, Yankee Pot Roast serves, well, pot roast. The sign outside the restaurant has a picture of a jolly looking colonial man with a big bowl and a spoon. I think he's supposed to be the Yankee, and he probably makes the pot roast.

I've been to this place only once, and probably won't go back again. The inside of the restaurant is decorated in a style that they probably think is "colonial". The waitresses wear dresses in a somewhat colonial style, there are rustic antiques scattered around, and there are checkered tablecloths. The back room that we sat in was decorated like a whore house. It had red velvet patterned wallpaper, dim lighting, and black lace curtains.

Because of this decorating scheme in the back room, my boyfriend and I call this restaurant Yankee Whore House.

The food isn't that great. We went there for breakfast, and found out that you can get pot roast with everything they serve at breakfast. Want an omlette with pot roast? How about pancakes and pot roast? Sounds revolting, doesn't it? I like pot roast, but their pot roast is way too salty and stringy and just plain icky. I also don't want to eat it for breakfast.

Yankee Pot Roast is located on the corner of Fourth Plain Boulevard and Caples Boulevard, near the main Vancouver post office. Eat at your own risk.

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