When my second daughter was born, she loved to squirm around because she was curious and wanted to see what was happening outside of the warm, dark, fluid-filled place she used to live. Talking with my then-wife, I said, "she sure is a little wiggle pickle, isn't she?"

Wiggle Pickle stuck. People who know her well will call her Pickle, which sometimes confuses the grandkids. When she graduated college last year, I did my duty as a proud father and bellowed out, "Love you, Wiggle Pickle" as she walked by. All of her friends (and half of the stadium) heard it and she blushed a bright red, shaking a fist at me and laughing. One of my best Dad moments.

Pickle and I got to sending each other joke gifts at random times. She got me a remote butt-wiping wand. And I got her a Yodeling Pickle (YP).

Yes, you read that right.

Available on Amazon, the YP is a realistic plastic pickle that will yodel loudly when you press a button. Did I mention loudly? This thing channels Slim Whitman. I sent it to her as soon as I discovered this thing of green, bumpy beauty. She had a great laugh when she opened it. Then my two year-old grandson heard it and just HAD TO HAVE IT!

He stole it away and makes it yodel all the time. The last time I was there I switched out the batteries with some premium ones that should last for six months. When he gets on the phone to yell, "LOVE YOU, PAPA," I always ask him to play me the pickle noise, which he dutifully does.

Being a grandpa sure is a lot of fun.


Inspired by JD's node


 Stasik says: You're Weird Al aren't you? :)

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