A 1995 book containing some of the wilder stories of celebrities and call girls. The Heidi Fleiss girls as well as other bitter prostitutes tell all of their secrets about people such as Billy Idol, George Harrison, Timothy Hutton, Don Henley, Rod Stewart and more. The book is said to be written by "Robin, Liza, Linda and Tiffany."

Well, my mother owns this book, and I couldn't resist reading it several years ago. While the women expound some on why and how some of the events occur, and have a sense of shame about a large portion of their involvements, the book is still a "trashy" read one might consider thumbing through in a beach chair.

While Don Henley is shown as someone who enjoyes coke and orgies, Glenn Frey is viewed as an extremely kindhearted guy. (The female who talks about her encounters with him longed to be his girlfriend.) Billy Idol was said to be too messed up on drugs to perform in bed, and Timothy Hutton, in his early days of stardom, attempted to cajole a girl into a threesome in a very crude manner. Rod Stewart is said to be stingy and inconsiderate as a lover.

There are a number of other stories here, some of the more disturbing ones involving high rolling individuals that aren't actually celebrities. Reading this book kinda made me feel as though I were rubbernecking.

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