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It just doesn't work.

You people all know the situation right? Someone right across from you has done something that shouldn't be done, and you get pissed. All the reasons that it shouldn't be done start popping into your head. They're clearer then normal, they're more concise, more real. Then it pops into your head. "I'm going to node my rant against this." It's intelligent, well thought, and has more points than a Douglas Fir.

You get home, and sit down all excited. Hazy premonitions of C!hings and XPs cloud your vision. Your anger has faded into the void a while ago. You place your fingers on the keyboard. And it's gone. "Where are my points? I'm sure there was more to it then that." But they're lost to the ether.

When I first realized this I was mad that I could lose thoughts so easily, but now...wait, What was my point?

Ok, so this has been downvoted, and there was a friendly inquiry as to whether or not I wanted this removed. I chose not to accept that offer, and to try to save this writeup, as I think I do have some valid points to make here. But that's exactly what I am talking about. I truly did have numerous examples and opinions, and things to cite, and etc. But they were gone by the time I wanted to write this up.

It's fairly well known (from my observations) that the majourity of thoughts people have stem from feelings, if you have no emotional connection to something then there is often no cause to think about it that much, or go into much detail in your thoughts.

My collection of anti-parent rants is a good example of this. Every week or so one of my friends will have some ridiculous rule imposed upon them. I will fume in my mind, and formulate exactly what I want to say to them when I next see them. Then later on my anger will fade, as it's all been worked out, or the rule has been circumvented, or some such thing. When I next see the parent it will all be gone from my mind, perhaps driven out by the possibility of future repercussions. The rant has lost it's form, and It doesn't come back unless the anger comes back, so unless I can quickly record it, I have no hope of keeping a hard copy.

Am I the only one who has experienced this?

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