My body is cold as I slip between lavender-colored sheets, letting the thin fabric soak up the droplets of water from my shoulders. My shower was warm and my hair smells like cloves, but all I can focus on is how soft and warm your skin is under mine. You tell me that my skin smells like me, like salt, like apples or berries maybe, but definitely something sweet - I smell like summer but my hair smells like fall.

Your teeth are sharp against the lily-white pillow of my inner thigh and I breathe in hard, fast; quick bites along my thighs and under my breasts while you press into me are my favorite kind of pain. I tell you how much I love it by nipping at your jaw and tugging at your hair, moaning from the back of my throat.

The afternoon sun is always high in the sky, filtering in through the curtains at this point, when my back arches and I let you know that I’m yours by falling apart with you. You tell me that my eyes are the most expressive part of me, tell me to look at you while I come apart. My body is no longer cold, it’s part of yours and it’s lit like a match.

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