Culled from my own knowledge and experience of living in Washington. A few, namely the weather entries, can be applied to Oregon as well (the "Northwest"). Some characteristics may only apply to the Seattle area or Southern Washington.

  • You've heard of The Farming Game.
  • You know what Cascadia is, and what side of the fence you'd choose.
  • You've had salmon prepared just about any way you can imagine and some you never wanted to.
  • You can't think of a local supermarket whose deli doesn't serve sushi.
  • You go on vacation to California and someone asks you to bring them a giant bottle of liquor from Costco. Or Safeway!*
  • At Christmas, you don't fend off fruitcake - you fend off basement microbrews.
  • You remember when espresso carts were actual carts and there were more of them than Starbucks.
  • You've ever explained to friends or relatives visiting from the other coast that, yes, there's only one state between here and there, but it will probably take more than two hours to drive to California.
  • You've driven in snow and consider yourself pretty competent. After all, you do it almost once a year. Going 2 miles an hour.
  • You've given serious consideration to whether your state's anthem should be changed to Louie Louie.
  • You've never been to a school whose computers weren't supplied primarily by Microsoft.
  • The only suntans you've ever had, you got on vacation or indoors.
  • You've felt lucky that, for the last several years, the most embarassing thing about your state's politics was your governor's haircut.
  • You're originally from California.**

* Washington's liquor stores are all state-run, making giant bottles of booze a novelty. Bonus novelty points are awarded for store brand liquor.

** Or one of your parents is.

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