It was a refreshing dinner.
It was in San Francisco.
I was in a chinese eating establishment. I had finished eating.

Then I opened my fortune cookie.

"You must be given piggyback rides wherever you go."

One of the more absurd fortunes I had gotten in a while, most certainly. It was one only to be surpassed by the one I had read a few months ago at this very same establishment:

"A yak infected with Ebola will fall in love with you and follow you wherever you go."

I get odd fortunes all the time. It seems to be my own personal quirk. There's only one problem.

All of them come true.

I decided to ignore it, thinking that Lady Luck was on my side.
She wasn't.

I paid my bill, took the little sweet from the tray and sucked it vigorously. I began to walk towards the exit when...

To be continued... heh.

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