A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away there lived something not unlike a bear. It was fuzzier than the bears we're familiar with, but it was very much like bears in other aspects. It was just him, his pet and the flutterbyes. His pet was very much like a dog except it was much better behaved. The pet's name was Norman. The bear's name was Theodore. Together they wandered through the forest, watching the flutterbyes dance. So far as they knew, the forest contained nothing but them, the flutterbyes, tall trees and the prackle bushes. There wasn't much more to do than watch the flutterbyes dance, so that's what they did.

Flutterbyes would rest on the trees during the nighttime, bathing in the moonbeams. In the day they would fly about, spreading the moondust that had collected on their wings. It was a beautiful sight; they lit up the darker parts of the forest. Sometimes a flutterbye would run out of dust. It would fly to a prackle bush and curl up into a ball, staying that way, as far as Norman and Theodore knew.

When they first started following the flutterbyes they would eat those little balls, thinking they were prackle berries. They stopped when they found out the truth. Something about the flutterbyes made them forget they were hungry. And it seemed to make their bodies forget they needed food. It had been a long time since they had eaten anything.

The flutterbyes seemed to know where they were going, traveling in the same direction every day. Theodore and Norman followed them to a tree. It was covered in flutterbyes and ringed in prackle bushes. It was beautiful. Theodore and Norman took a seat and stared at the tree for a very long time. Eventually, all the flutterbyes on the tree dropped off, landing in the prackle bushes and curling up into little balls. Without the flutterbyes to collect it, the moondust settled in Theodore and Norman's fur. They made it a habit to wander the forest, spreading the moondust but they always came back to the tree every night.

A lunar eclipse came. It was unlike anything Theodore and Norman had ever seen before. The sky went black, but the forest floor glowed. Slowly the glow would move toward the prackle bushes, making them glow from the inside. One by one the little balls dropped off, and the flutterbyes opened up their wings once more. Theodore and Norman felt a tickling inside of their stomachs. They opened up their mouths and flutterbyes flew out, joining their brethren again. Theodore and Norman lay down on the forest floor, turning into moondust.

At the edge of the forest, a creature not unlike a bear was walking into the forest with his pet, which was not unlike a dog. They had been following a smell of a bear and a dog. The flutterbyes fluttered by them and they noticed some of them smelled a bit bear-ish, and others a bit dog-ish. So they followed the flutterbyes through the forest, eating prackle berries.

The end.

A catbox story.
Inspired by a baby blanket,

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