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"You suffer... but why?"

Nick Bullen / Justin Broadrick
From the Napalm Death album 'Scum', Earache Records, MOSH 003

'You Suffer' is a classic grindcore song from Napalm Death's 1987 debut album, 'Scum'. It is possibly the most extreme and uncompromising evolution of rock music, in that it has loud guitars and drums, angsty lyrics, and is precisely one and a third seconds long. It was a favourite of John Peel, and he played it many times on his radio show.

(On compact disc it is extended to four seconds, the minimum length of time for a CD track. The compact disc version consists of 'You Suffer' plus two and two-thirds of a second of silence.)

To listen to, the song is a short drum / guitar stab, with the abovementioned lyrics which, as delivered by vocalist Nick Bullen, go 'YAHWHY!'. As a popular musical technique, extreme brevity was essentially exhausted with this song, although this didn't stop infamous, parodic, grindcore band Anal Cunt (aka A.C.) basing career around similar microscopic noise-bursts.

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