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A wonderfully zany comedy, in the style of Airplane! and General Hospital soap operas. Think 'E.R.' gone horribly wrong.

The plot is simple, a bunch of interns fresh out of medical school go to work in a hospital. It's like watching Scrubs on NBC. I don't think anybody well-known starred in it, except Michal Richards (Kramer). It was his first movie! and he had a great role to play.

Ah, checking on IMDB's site shows that there were a bunch of General Hospital cameos. I musta missed them all, as I never saw the show, and couldn't recognize Michal McKean.

Anyways, there is a main plot of this romance between two of the interns. One contracts a life-threatening disease, and the boyfriend is the only person willing to perform an operation. There's one catch, the sight of blood makes him faint.

The other plot involves Michael Richards sent as a hit man to a mob boss in the hospital. The nurse thinks he's a patient and accidentally sends him to surgery to remove his gallbladder, kidney, and other organs. The third plot is one of the interns romances the head nurse to get the key to the drugs cabinet.

If you liked Airplane!, The Kentucky Fried Movie, or General Hospital, go see this movie. There is all this insane stuff, like goldfish swimming in the patient's IV bottle. Strange calls over the hospital's PA intercom "Dr. Pepper, please call extension 911." The patient's heart monitor is a Pac-Man video game.

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