"And the devil in the black dress watches over. My guardian angel walks away."
- from Temple Of Love

Greatest hits album by The Sisters Of Mercy, a Merciful Release in 1993. Aside from it having quite possibly the best album title ever, it serves as a perfect introduction to anyone who has heard of the band and wants to try out a bit of Goth.

The tracks are arranged in reverse chronological order beginning with two new recordings, Under The Gun (released as a single around the time of the album release) and an extended re-recording of Temple Of Love featuring beautifully angelic vocals by Ofra Haza.

Of the rest, it's pretty much what we've come to expect from the Sisters; genius lyrics, heavy guitars and layers of bombast that become all too tempting to test the levels of volume your neighbours are prepared to accept. All you can do is hope and pray you live next-door to someone else who loves them.

With the many piracy-possibilities of the internet, it's hard to recommend a single track to download and listen to now. But, as predictable as my choice is, I'm really going to have to urge you to have a go at Temple Of Love. Just while you do, make sure it's the eight minute version. Your ears will either thank you forever or simply go deaf out of spite. Hey, who can vouch for personal opinion?

The album was subtitled 'Greatest Hits Volume One'. Sadly, the band died long before any material was gathered to justify a second volume.

band personnel

Patricia Morrison (vocals, bass, keyboards)
Andrew Eldritch (vocals, guitar, synthesizer, programming)
Wayne Hussey, Tony James (guitar, background vocals)
Tim Bricheno, Andreas Bruhn, Craig Adams (guitar)
Gary Marx (bass)

because it's a greatest hits album, there were a few line-up changes along the way, hence the many members doing similar things. of what i know, tim bricheno went on to form xc-nn and wayne hussey formed the mission.

additional members

Terri Nunn (backing vocals on Under The Gun)
Ofra Haza (backing vocals on Temple Of Love)

track listing

  1. Under The Gun
  2. Temple Of Love (1992)
  3. Vision Thing
  4. Detonation Boulevard
  5. Doctor Jeep
  6. More *
  7. Lucretia My Reflection
  8. Dominion / Mother Russia *
  9. This Corrosion *
  10. No Time To Cry
  11. Walk Away
  12. Body And Soul

* In collaboration with Jim Steinman.


"...The gloominess becomes wearing but big cheese Andrew Eldritch can often pull it off by sheer force of personality...it's hard not to accord the Sisters Of Mercy a certain respect..."
Q Magazine, October 1993

"...All is not fear and pestilence... Goth finally steals itself from Leeds on 'A Slight Case Of Overbombing' and becomes a colossus of clattering drums and deathspell Gregorian chanting... Coffee morning house guests will recoil in horror..."
New Musical Express, 18th September, 1993

(famous people from leeds)

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