The test sound file which played to confirm correct sound card configuration in many popular old DOS based games - including Warcraft II - was a recording of a stereotypically english accented gentleman saying "Your sound card works perfectly". Repeated clicks of the 'test' button were rewarded with further sound bites: "Enjoying yourself?", and finally, in an exasperated tone, "It doesn't get any better than this!".

These .wav files sounded funnier than I can possibly relate here, and unsurprisingly became a commonly known running joke in gamer and geek culture.

Update: I recently discovered that a hip-hop band called "Buckshot" have a song called "Sound Check", one verse of which runs: "Far beyond the galaxie/Your sound card works perfectly/Your sound card works perfectly/Enjoying yourself?". Beware of the memes you spread, you know not where they might appear...

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