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In the Babylon 5 universe, security officer aboard B5. Was a member of Nightwatch for a while, but helped Sheridan and company capture them after they tried to take over the station in Point of No Return. Promoted to second in command of security after Garibaldi's old second, Jack, turned out to be a traitor and shot Garibaldi in the back in Chrysalis. Promoted to head of security after Garibaldi resigned from EarthForce in Epiphanies.

The Babylon 5 Project

Allan, Zack


    2281: Assistant to Centauri Emperor Vir Cotto
    2261: Chief of Security, Babylon 5
      Promoted when Garibaldi resigned from the position.
    2259: Assistant Chief of Security, Babylon 5
      Promoted when Garibaldi's Aide was arrested for shooting Michael Garibaldi.
    Dec. 2258: Transfered to Babylon 5 Security
    Time Unknown:: Stationed on Io.



      Zack joined Nightwatch in 2259, to make more money, and found himself torn between two ideologies to determine which was right.:
    1. The Earth Alliance need for tight security and authoritarian control
    2. Babylon 5's need for freedom and the ability to fight the Shadows in the Shadow War
      Zack's loyalty fell to John Sheridan and Babylon 5 when he conspired to trap all the Nightwatch members in a cargo hold, just before Babylon 5 seceded from the Earth Alliance.

    Chief of Security

      After Garibaldi resigned in 2261, Zack was promoted by Sheirdan to Chief of Security.
        (cf. "Epihanies")

      Zack continued in this office well after the Interstellar Alliance took most of the original crew to Minbar.

        (cf. "Objects at Rest")

    The Army of Light

      Zack joined the Army of Light Conspiracy in 2261, after taking over as Chief of Security.
        (cf. "Attonement")

    Lyta Alexander

      Zack had always had feelings for the telepath Lyta Alexander, but never confessed those feelings, until 2261
        (cf. "Thirdspace")

    The Future

      Zack suffers an injury to his leg between the years of 2262 and 2281, possibly during the Telepath War.
        (cf. "Sleeping in Light")

      Zack tells Sheridan:

        "I'll probably still be here when they turn off the lights."
      In 2281, Zack is proven to be correct.
        (cf. "Objects at Rest", "Sleeping in Light")

      After Babylon 5 is shut down, Zack Allan takes the role of Assistant to Vir Cotto on Centauri Prime to help Vir manage the Centauri Republic.

        (cf. "Sleeping in Light")

Zack Allan first appeared in "A Spider in the Web" He became a member of Nightwatch in "In the Shadow of Z'Ha'Dum"
As the highest ranking local member, Zack conspired against Nightwatch and lured them to be captured in "Point of No Return"
Zack was promoted to Chief of Security in "Epiphanies"
Zack Allan also appears in the Series finale "Sleeping in Light"

Zack Allan was designed to be a recurring character in Crusade.

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