This was indeed Husker Du's masterpiece. They dropped the ultracore ethic of fast melodies and screamed vocals and added instruments which were rather experimental for punk rock. There were pianos (not synths), chimes, and acoustic guitars.

It's a concept album about a young man leaving home for the first time and experiencing the world. Hence, all the lyrical references to going home, writing home, and being lost and confused.

The tracks are:

  1. Something I Learned Today
  2. Broken Home, Broken Heart
  3. Never Talking to You Again
  4. Chartered Trips
  5. Dreams Reoccuring (instrumental)
  6. Indecision Time
  7. Hare Krsna
  8. Beyond The Threshold
  9. Pride
  10. I'll Never Forget You
  11. The Biggest Lie
  12. What's Going On
  13. Masochism World
  14. Standing By The Sea
  15. Somewhere
  16. One Step At a Time (instrumental)
  17. Pink Turns to Blue
  18. Newest Industry
  19. Monday Will Never Be the Same (instrumental)
  20. Whatever
  21. The Tooth Fairy and the Princess
  22. Turn on the News
  23. Reoccurring Dreams (instrumental)
Reoccurring Dreams blows my mind. It's 14 or so minutes of distorted fuzz guitar, a harsh bass line, and jazzy percussion, compliments of Greg Norton.

The entire album was recorded and mixed in the span of 85 hours. The last 40 hours alone were spent mixing. As Bob Mould was still a speed freak, this was no problem.

The only two out-takes from the session were "Dozen Beats Eleven" and "Some Kind of Fun."

This is good to listen to after you've watched a relationship crumble.

Information was taken from the liner notes of the CD, as well as my own head.

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