During the last month or so of High School last year, a couple of friends of mine were sitting around in the Annex, discussing various ways to transform popular songs into sexual connotations. Eventually we pulled ourselves away and continued onward to first period.
Later in the day I noticed my friend Lindsay walking ahead of me. I'd just come up with a great song, and proceeded to sing to the tune of a bicycle built for two:

Lindsay Lindsay,
Won't you go down on me

Within the next five minutes I found myself in the VP's office, thanks to the teacher that had been walking behind me, and assumed that I had done something wrong. By the end of the day, a separate interview with Lindsay and her parents would confirm two things:
a) That Lyndsay and I were involved in a game that she enjoyed playing.
b) That Lyndsay and her parents were against any and all actions to be taken against me.

The zero tolerance policy on Sexual Harassment/Assault at our school reads something like this:

Any actions which can be considered offensive or derogatory by any person(s) in the environment...

and so on, listing legal terms and punishments. Needless to say, I fell under this, was suspended for three days, and had the fact that I'd been suspended for Sexual Harassment posted on my transcripts which went around to universities for application, narrowing my options for post-secondary achievement. All because of a game that both participants were willingly involved in.

Sexual Harrassment is a very real danger; Zero Tolerance rules/laws are an epidemic.

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