Ziploc Bag Guacamole Materials Directions

Cut half of the onion into extremely small pieces. Put them in the bag. Squeeze just less than half of the lemon's juice into the bag. Cut the avocados in half. Pop out the seed from each, then squeeze the contents of each avocado half into the bag. Add a small amount of salt and black pepper to taste. Seal the bag. Squish the mixture between your fingers until it has been thuroughly mixed and it is as smooth as you like it.


Some people like to add sour cream to their guacamole. Chili peppers could give it a nice kick as well. Be creative with what you add. Prickly pear cactus leaves can be diced and added to contribute a salty flavor and crunchy texture. Diced mango can also be an interesting addition. Many people that generally dislike guacamole enjoy it if it does not contain any sour cream.


You may ask, "Why not just squish all of the stuff together with a spoon in a bowl?" The answer is simple. Its fun to squish things in a ziploc bag. Also, it seems to be easier to work all of the lumps out that way. There are less dishes to clean up, and the mixture is ready for storage as soon as it has been made.

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