If you cannot boil water without burning it, then these recipes are for you! Designed to offer minimal opportunities for slicing your fingers off, incinerating your kitchen, or dirtying every dish you own. These dishes will dirty a maximum of two pots, will be tasty, and be unique enough to allow opportunities for lying disgracefully about how long it took you to prepare.

I have been deluged with messages since I hit "sumbit" on this node about how what I am suggesting here is some kind of insult to real cooking. I beg to differ. These recipes all taste great. Really! My "hidden agenda" is to have people who think cooking is hard realise how easy it is to make good and tasty food, and show how much fun it can be.

The Recipes Harder, But Still Easy! Other Great "Easy Cooking" Nodes

Many (if not all) of the the ingredients in Dead Easy Recipes come pre-packaged. There is no tricky measuring or weighing; the dishes are all designed to fit together neatly with the amounts that are packaged into standard cans bottles, packets, or in the case of dry ingredients, in amounts easy to gauge like "half a packet."

Half an hour from go to whoa is the goal, but that said, all of the sauces in the Dead Easy range will taste better the longer they cook, as long as someone is stirring them. So that gives you a nice easy task to delegate when someone asks "Is there anything I can do?"

These recipes can be cooked by anyone, and, perhaps surprisingly, are all very tasty and healthy. So anyone can use them. They are ideal, though, for situations where you need fast, easy, fuss-free food that has to be cooked by you.

If you think your recipe qualifies as "Dead Easy" then I would love to add it here! Just /msg me and I'll cook your recipe and give you feedback! If it's dead easy, then it deserves and will get a link here. I will also be adding more myself as time goes on. Also, if you've got an "easy cooking" node that I haven't found, please message me as well.

Finally, it is entirely possible to see what I am doing here as barbaric, steering people away from basic cooking techniques and towards evil pre-packaged food. But that's really not the point of this! Many people I know got their start in cooking this way, by adding "acanna this and acanna that", and pretty soon they're adding dry spices, and then making fresh sauces, and before they know it they're cooking. But a cooking course this isn't. All of the recipes that I personally node for Dead Easy Recipes will include an "upgrade" section if you want to cook the basic recipe but make it extra special by making one or more parts from scratch. Good eating!

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