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Dead Easy Recipes

Like all Dead Easy Recipes, this serves 3 - 4 people, or two really hungry ones if this is all you're making. The Everything Kitchen Conversion Table is a good resource if the cans come in different sizes in your area, or if the names of the ingredients differ in your area (capsicum=bell pepper for example).

  • 2 Cans Tuna - 125-180 grams. (Sometimes they count the water.))
  • 1 Bottle Tomato-based Pasta Sauce - 500-600 grams.
  • 1 Packet Dry Pasta - 500 grams.
Optional Ingredients First the Water
  1. Fill a BIG pot with 2 litres of water. (By big I mean you can put both hands on the bottom of it easily. By 2 litres I mean about 1/2 full.)
  2. Put the pot on the stove, turn the heat up to HIGH.
  3. If you want to, put some salt and oil into the water. Not too much! It makes the pasta better, trust me.
Next the Sauce
  1. Pour the pasta sauce into a SMALL pot.
  2. Add the tuna from the can. (Don't drain the tuna, that stuff is all good!).
  3. Add any/all of the optional ingredients except the oil & salt.
  4. Put the pot on the stove and turn the heat on LOW.
Then the Pasta
  1. Your packet pasta is probably 500 grams. You'll need 125 grams for every person you're feeding.
  2. WAIT until the water is boiling MADLY.
  3. If your pasta is spaghetti, break the sticks in half and drop them in. Otherwise, just drop the pasta in the water.
Finally, the Waiting and the Eating.
  1. The pasta will take the amount of time it says on the packet to cook. Usually between 8 and 15 minutes.
  2. While that's happening, open the wine, stir the sauce, set the table, clean the kitchen.
  3. When the pasta is finished, turn the heat under the sauce off first. Then, drain the pasta.
  4. Serve the pasta in bowls like a real Italian, covered in sauce, with cheese on top if you like that sort of thing!
  5. Eat. Wonder how something this good came out of cans and bottles...
Variations & Upgrades

Most flavoured tuna will work just fine, especially "Asian" flavours.
For spice add your favourite spicy thing (tabasco sauce works fine, or chose a spicy pasta sauce).
This recipe can be easily upgraded just by using fresh pasta, or making your own, using fresh pasta sauce or making your own. The "marinara" sauce described in eliserh's writeup will work absolute magic, and is easy to make.
For something to tell your guests, this is based on a very old Napolitan pasta recipe called Pasta della Madonna.

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