A very popular brand of plastic resealable bags. Great for a good many things, such as preventing freezer burn, organizing, or generally storing items. The name Ziploc is derived from the band on top of the bag, that zip's it and locks it. (Has nothing to do with the compression algorithm, although that would be a neat feature.)

Random tip: Batteries last longer in the freezer. Keep them in a Ziploc so that they don't roll around!

There are a million uses for them. They come in all shapes and sizes, even up to the super convenient gallon size and higher. All they need is a girlfriend-size (for those days) Ziploc and I'll be all set, or a obnoxious cat size Ziploc. Perhaps the annoying boss Ziploc size. In true McGuyver style, you could solve anything with a Ziploc if you want to. One of the core components of any aforementioned solution (see also duct tape, and swiss army knife).

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