"We got her settled in."

"She's accepting the reality we're presenting her with?"

"All signs point to the affirmative."

"That's not good enough for me. We need additional confirmation."

"Now I know she's broken free before, but -"

"No buts. That last one was what? The fifth time she freed herself? We have to double our efforts, not let her question any of the walls we put up around her. She knows what's happened in the past, but we have to keep her convinced that she was delusional, that she was hallucinating. We can't let her walk down the path she was going down."

"Yes, I know all that. I'm just saying we seem to be doing pretty well so far this time."

"It's only been what, a few months since we had to recapture her? It's been years since the last time. What if it's just a regular thing, that we'll have to be back more years down the line, and do it all over again?"

"We should be experienced veterans by then."

"I think, or rather I fear, that she is only getting more powerful over time. What if we can't rein her in next time?"

"Then our reality would fall into her hands I imagine. I just hope she would be on our side."

"Not if she finds out we've been gaslighting her this whole time."

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