The mistaken belief that you are more important/powerful/famous than you really are.

One of the forms delusional disorders can take.

A disorder of thought most common in acute manic states, also schizophrenia. May be primary or secondary, systematized or unsystematized.

Please don't take the following seriously...I know I'm not really smarter than you or anything

I can understand anything, easily. The universe, the big bang, racism? All I need is a minute, to think about it and it all makes sense. Really. But don't ask me to explain it, I...can't. You'd never understand, my mind is on a different level than yours. I can't even explain it to myself; I just kind of know it. I know I do, I know I'm right.
Never mind that it's 7 a.m. and I haven't slept all night; I haven't even been tired because I'm better than that...I don't even need to sleep. In fact, I don't even need to be sober, forget the little fucking flowers in dark, or the fact that my pillow looked just like a dead body in the twilight. That by no means discredits my genius. In fact, it enhances it, it lets all my brilliant thoughts out of their cage, long suppressed by "reality"...whatever the fuck that means.
You see the universe is on a loop, everything has already happened, will happen again or is happening. For half of time entropy decreases (don't ask how, it just does, things get more "ordered") and then it increases until everything is absolutely the same; there is no space and matter, there is no distinction between anything, the universe is completely one dimensional, it is nothing and it is everything. Time stops, then the big bang happens and everything starts all over again. You can't die, as soon as you do in your perception your life just starts over again...I can't prove it but it just all makes sense somehow. You'll never understand, I'm too smart for you.
It's great that I get to repeat my life over and over, because I live a great life, I know I will. I'm going to be a great physicist and I'll explain all this shit to the masses as best I can, to all the lesser people among me. I'll be known as the greatest human in history, the only one who could ever answer the great questions. I'll be better than Einstein, Hawkings, Galileo and all those other people.
I should write all these ideas down so I won't forget them when I go to sleep *writes down diagrams on paper towel*.

Needless to say, when I woke up that morning at ~12 I was quite disappointed to find that what I had written was not only barely comprehensible, but it was downright...illogical. At least I thought I understood it all and would be great someday; even if it wasn't true I still know what it feels like.

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