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"Everything suggests that there exists a certain point of the mind at which life and death, the real and imaginary, the past and the future, the communicable and the incommunicable, cease to be perceived contradictorily. Now it is in vain that one would seek any motive for Surrealist activity other than the hope of determining this point." -Andre Breton

In Hebrew and Cabala-influenced Hermetic mysticism, the "Limitless Light". No qualities could be ascribed to it, no direct experience of it at all was considered possible. At the third remove from even Kether, its closest reflection in the knowable world of manifestations represented in the Tree of Life, the ultimate source of all, the Godhead within which the Universe was supported and from which it must be divided to have its own independent existence and creative potential. Outermost side of the Triple Veil created for the purpose of this division, the nearer (to the original) aspects of which were , Ain Soph, "without limits",and Ain, "nothingness"

In spite of its ultimate inaccessibility, an approach this idea of pure, contentless and ultimately dense substance of all-encompassing radiance was the ultimate goal of all mystical practice following the system of Kabballah. Or rather, it was the preferred of two possible ultimate ends of such practice, the other being the final inability to release the spell of the individual ego, confinement by it to a bubble of isolated reality afloat in the Abyss, temporarily supported by the force of obsessive egocentric focus, ultimately disintegrating under the pressure of the caustic unreality and delusional amplification feedback of the Abyss.

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