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So I'm reading this story today about this guy who died from one punch. He was being a horrible racist right at this tired black guy who was working for fedex, and he took a swing at the fedex worker to the guy popped him one right in the eye, and he was knocked out, and he died later that evening.

Most people are not, in fact, One Punch Man, so it's a bit surprising that someone can die from a single blow, especially when we're used to movie characters and TV characters and real people beating the crap out of each other, war stories where a man keeps fighting after 20 bullet wounds, and so on.

But I read a story in the local newspaper a while ago about how this kid was in a fight and he got hit and he went down backwards, hit his head on the concrete, cracked his skull, died on the scene.

And then there's the case of Owen Hart, who dropped from his harness right onto one of the hard metal parts of the ring, and died shortly afterwards. It's like, are we so fragile that one blow is all that will do it to kill us? What's the point of punching someone if they're just going to die?

And yet, people also survive after getting the crap kicked out of them, after breaking very bone in their body, after getting shot twenty times...and yet people also die after getting shot ONE time.

Or getting punched one time. 

And yet, Gabrielle Giffords and Malala Yousafzai both survived getting shot in the head, which I THOUGHT was supposed to be fatal. Then again, Phineas gage survived getting a rod shoved through his head, and I saw the X-rays for a guy who had a nail stuck in his brain so...

Maybe survival comes down to luck and how fast the doctors reach you. it's a scary thought -- what's the point of being Tough if you can die instantly from a stupid accident?

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