As if I could care less
(as if I could try harder)
As if this isn’t all I’ve got to give.

As if I want to live this life you chose.

As if we’re pals, as if I owe you one, as if I matter –
As if it matters who
(As if there’s any difference whether it’s me
or another body in my place, as if you’d care).

As long as it gets done.

And if I can’t or won’t do it:
As if you’d mind finding another body
To live this farce instead of me.

An excellent essay on the James Bulger case, written by Blake Morrison, who attended the trial of Thompson and Venables as a journalist, and went on to examine the case at length in his book.
The book's dust jacket contains the following quote from John Major:
"We need to condemn a little more, and understand a little less."
Morrison's book takes the opposite view: he attempts to understand the case, as best as he (or anyone) can. This is in direct contrast to the British media, which unfortunately has a vastly wider audience. 'As If' is a much-needed rational voice in the Bulger debate.
British TV series from 2001.

The plot is about the experiences and love lives of a clique of six 20-somethings in London. Noticeable is the funky camera work, reminding of a video clip. Each episode assumes the point of view of one character, who speaks from the off revealing their thoughts. So far, there are 3 seasons with 56 episodes total.

Interestingly, here was also a shortlived remake for the US from 2002 with an entirely different cast, save for Emily Corrie.

The main UK cast of As If are the following:

Emily Corrie - Suzanne 'Sooz' Lee (the artsy type with a relationship problem)
Paul Chequer - Jamie Collier (the slighly crazy, upbeat and impulsive one)
Caroline Chikezie - Sasha Williams (hot tempered, in an on-off relationship with Rob)
Benjamin Waters - Robert 'Rob' Conway (all pent-up aggression and passion)
Jemima Rooper - Nicki Sutton (Sooz' counterpart, rather flirtatious)
Orlando Wells - Alexander 'Alex' Stanton (the sensitive gay guy)

Masterminded by Brian Grant.

Episode guides and stuff can be found at and (not much point in copy&paste, is there?)

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