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Aug`men*ta"tion (?), n. [LL. augmentatio: cf. F. augmentation.]


The act or process of augmenting, or making larger, by addition, expansion, or dilation; increase.


The state of being augmented; enlargement.


The thing added by way of enlargement.

4. Her.

A additional charge to a coat of arms, given as a mark of honor.


5. Med.

The stage of a disease in which the symptoms go on increasing.


6. Mus.

In counterpoint and fugue, a repetition of the subject in tones of twice the original length.

Augmentation court Eng. Hist., a court erected by Stat. 27 Hen. VIII., to augment to revenues of the crown by the suppression of monasteries. It was long ago dissolved.

Encyc. Brit.

Syn. -- Increase; enlargement; growth; extension; accession; addition.


© Webster 1913.

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