Before being cooked, the thin shells around the tails need to be popped off, and the body washed. Don't worry about deveining them, these guys aren't big enough to worry about that. Once the shell is cracked, let the pieces fall away into the trash can. Thanks for helping to prepare them.

It sits like a bright pink curl on the hand, almost a question mark, firm to the touch of fingers. Well, not pink but a light orange, not hot rose pink but the pink of the 1890's, when it was still masculine and baby boys wore ruddy watered down red: pink.

Held before being eaten, the baby shrimp is considered. The aroma is faintly of the sea and lemon and garlic and salt. The tongue glides over the edges of its surface, hitting it, the first impression is that its slick and has a texture like the inside of a cheek. When bitten down, the baby shrimp responds with a bit of a snap. It's not hard, but it's firm like flesh.

The inside is paler than the outside and more meaty, the fibers separating and falling apart rapidly when chewed. A good shrimp has a fresh and crisp taste. The shrimp almost swells in mass as it breaks down in the mouth, the meat puffing up like a sponge before being swallowed. An old one has a very fishy smell and bland smell, a sharp odor reminding one of spoiled food. This one ... this one is good.

How would you describe a food to someone who could not taste of it and never will?

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