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The Battle Aura is another common componant of anime and manifests itself in a ton of different forms. When the protagonist and an antagonist are about to fight, one of them or both will pose in a particular kata and release their Battle Aura, which is a physical manifestation of their strength of spirit and power. It is often part of, or leads to, the bionic dance.

Generally the appearance of the Battle Aura falls under one of three categories.

  • Fire: The character will have some sort of ghostly fire or wind surrounding their body, which, if they are male, doesn't burn them in the least, but makes their hair fly upwards. If they are female, it usually disintegrates their clothing before putting them in some sort of special armor or uniform.

  • Glow: The character will either glow serenely if they are good, or they will have an evil tentacle like light if they are the bad guys.

  • Gleam: The gun/sword/claws/teeth/eye of the character, good or bad, will have a bright starburst gleam, followed by the telltale "SSZZZziziiinnnggginnnnnggggg" sound.

Battle Aura can, of course be represented by other things, such as Akane (from Ranma 1/2) whose battle aura consisted of being surrounded by tiny logs from the trees of Jurai.

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