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Bedhead was an indie rock band that has since broke up as a touring band, however the Kundane brothers still make music under the Bedhead moniker. Their latest effort is a split album with a band called Macha.

Bedhead were:
Matt Kadane - guitar, vocals
Bubba Kadane - guitar, vocals
Tench Coxe - guitar
Kris Wheat - bass
Trini Martinez - drums

According to the Hot Press,

"Bedhead don't break any new ground. There aren't any weird instruments or samples. The vocalist doesn't sound like an alien, the guitars aren't pretending to be trumpets. No, what you get from Bedhead is good old rock 'n roll, with a slice of country, and a pace which is slow and often melancholy, though well capable of gathering a resonant. A what? Well, it gathers great power without ever screaming at you. It's a sound that, no matter how loudly played, never seems to hurt your ears, in fact, it's a sound that were it not for the already frayed nerves of my neighbours I would have up at glorious maximum." --Hot Press, Aug. '94

Bedhead released several albums:

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