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A term used to describe a wave of home-made dance music singles which infiltrated the UK pop charts in the late-80s and early-90s. The absolute apotheosis of this wave was Adamski's 'Killer', with other famous examples including 'Please Don't Go' by KWS, 'Temple of Dreams' by Messiah, and everything by Altern-8 and Bomb the Bass. Each of the aforementioned acts had a different musical style, but they were united by their home made recording methods.

This state of affairs came into being because of ever-more-affordable electronic musical equipment, particularly samplers. The typical bedroom techno artist was armed with a Akai S900, some decks, maybe a cheap second-hand keyboard, a four track and maybe a DAT recorder (possibly hired). And a copy of James Brown's 'In the Jungle Groove', which had 'Funky Drummer' on it. Rap and hip-hop artists had been making do with less for years - a microphone, two record players and boundless charisma - but, crucially, without making much of an impact on the charts, in the UK at least.

Home-made pop hits seemed to fade away after that, as electronic dance music relented its grip on the charts throughout the 90s. Nonetheless, in recent years we've seen 'Your Woman' by White Town and, more recently, Daniel Bedingfield's home-made, PC-created 'Gotta Get Through This'. With gigahertz PCs and software synthesis, the divisions between professional studio equipment and home technology are fading away.

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