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Whilst most people saw it as little more than a novelty single, 'Pop Muzik' was also one of the first electronic pop singles to top the UK charts, way back in 1979 (predating Gary Numan by a few months). With its home-made production, it also predated the late-80s 'bedroom techno' boom by almost a decade. And the lyrics, which seem to be about the power of the DJ ('Wanna be a gunslinger? / don't be a rock singer / talk about / pop music / talk about / pop music'), anticipated the 1980s and 1990s trend for media commentators to receive more coverage in the press than their subjects.

A few years later Scott sued Ray Parker, Jr for alledged similarities between 'Ghostbusters' and 'Pop Muzik' - the electronic bassline, in particular. At the same time, Huey Lewis and the News also sued Parker for similarities between his song and their 'I Want a New Drug'. I have no idea how these cases concluded or, indeed, if they are still ongoing.

Although Scott vanished into obscurity soon after 'Pop Muzik', a lightly-remixed re-release in 1989 reached the top ten in the UK, and it's a popular staple at 80s disco nights (1979 is an honorary part of the 80s on account of Gary Numan, The Human League, Ultravox, and so forth, all of whom were active in that year).

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