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A measure of popularity, apparently invented by Jorn Barger. Basically one uses a search engine to count the number of pages one's name appears on in relation to the number of pages Elvis appears on. (Elvis was apparently chosen for not being a religious figure and being relatively timeless.)

Right now, Elvis appears 441,810 times on AltaVista.

I appear 3,720 times. So I'm .84% of Elvis. (This is not very accurate though, because "muke" apparently means something in Croatian.)

For comparison, some other major figures:

Religious figures

  • God: 4,240,130 pages. 9 times bigger than Elvis.
  • Jesus: 2,788,235 pages. 6 times bigger than Elvis.
  • Buddha: 250,960 pages. 56% of Elvis.
  • Allah: 233,965 pages. 53% of Elvis.
  • Zeus: 203,925 pages. 46% of Elvis.
  • Eris: 14,237 pages. 3% of Elvis.

Political figures

Technological figures

If you try hard, maybe someday you can be bigger than Elvis.

According to this method I am 4.7 times as popular as Elvis which is pretty close to Jesus.

there is a flaw in this logic but a very small one actually... Since my name can easily be found in most household dictionaries and in many common sentences, my popularity is artificially inflated.

oh well

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