An unusual animal, to be certain.

Height: 5'0" - 5'9"
Weight: 105-120 lbs.
Hair: Blonde (style and hue varies)
Eyes: Colors vary
Habitat: MTV, TRL, The Disney Channel
Skills: Singing*, posing, vamping "innocently".

Notable examples:

While the key unifying factor among these four is a singing* career**, most seem to thrive on attention and little else. Universally cute, blonde female teen pop tarts show no signs of extinction in the immediate future, but maturity will no doubt alter their appeal unpredictably.

* In this context, indicates noises emitted which coincide with music. Quality, integrity, and content of composite is debatable.
** Despite early and intense support from consumers, duration of talent and attractiveness has yet to be proven. Stay tuned for updates.

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