Cherry Poptart is a very juvenile erotic comic book drawn by Larry Welz that parodies Archie Comics, published by Yentzer and Gonif. Cherry Poptart always has been and always will be 18 years old. She and Patty Melt roam the high school scene fucking everyone in sight in the context of cheesy Archie-esque plots.

There's been a 3D issue (red and blue glasses required), a Back to the Future issue where Cherry goes back in time to encourage her scaggily dressed, prudish do-gooder teenager mom to become the penultimate Blonde Hippie Chick slut, an occult issue where Patty Melt is possessed by a demon ala the Exorcist and a very complete parody of the Wizard of Oz. Issue #12 contains an image of Patty Melt covered from head to toe in cum that took me at least 3 days for my eyes to recover from before I could recognize it as such. Highly recommended if you are a kinky pervert.

Another turgid delight you will find in many issues are letters from readers, most of whom are dirty old men who write like eight year olds.

Apparently they made a Chery Poptart movie that was banned by the FCC. Apparently the whole point of making the movie was to get it banned by the FCC as fast and furiously as possible.

Nodeshell rescue.

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