This is a online comic about a "nymphomaniac" jester girl who gets up to all kind of sketchy and occasionally generally erotic incidents.

This is, in my opinion, one of the best online manga comics, and the artist, Brion Foulke, has his technique for some of the art perfected to pure perfection.

The story is based on a jester who always manages to involve herself in all kinds of illegal but enjoyable activities such as drinking, drugs, gambling and other too crude to mention, but always manages to get out of various scrapes with the help of various people, usually her girlfriend Bernadette, an acting mercenary and sword hand.

The story, or group of stories I should say, as Brion has written other comics, all of which have links from the site below, has a relatively large fan-base, yet the author doesn't like paying for ads, so the only way the comics popularity spreads is by word of mouth, or type.

The address for this site is, and the pages are usually added to every Monday, Wednesday or Friday. At the moment (28/02/2005) the story is currently on its second part.

This comic is currently voted 9th of the best online manga comic. please vote it up!! (22/6/2005)

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