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  1. The North Carolina Botanical Information Network. This web site is hosted by iBiblio and was created as a joint project between the University of North Carolina herbarium, the UNC School of Information and Library Science and the North Carolina Botanical Garden. "BOTNET is the product of a vision to collect and manage disparate stores of botanical data and information and provide internet access to the information for botanists on all public, professional and student levels."

    BOTNET can be found at: http://www.ibiblio.org/botnet/flora/indexstart.html

  2. A network created when bots are connected to eachother. Most commonly used for IRC bots such as Eggdrop, ComBot and Dancer. A botnet is used both by the bots themselves (to share their user files, request ops, etc.) and their users (as simple chat networks, distributed file repositories, etc.).

    A more recent phenomenon is that of botnets running entirely on compromised computers typically used for the purpose of DDoS. These bots run specialized software which may not even be designed for use with IRC.

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