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Bricklayer is a clone of Tetris® that originally appeared on Macintosh® computers but was ported to Windows. It had very good music (reminiscent of Unsolved Mysteries; this was themable); supported soft drop and both rotation directions; pretty good control feel; only one player; did not support chain reactions.

This was originally called Tetris Max and was released for the Macintosh computer. It was later called Bricklayer and released for the PC. It is known by hardcore Tetris fans for its incredibly smooth gameplay and good music and feature set.

It's also a person who builds stuff with bricks.

If you really want to get kinky it's someone who has sex with bricks.

Brick"lay`er (?), n. [Brick + lay.]

One whose occupation is to build with bricks.

Bricklayer's itch. See under Itch.


© Webster 1913.

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