In the Library of Congress Classification System, call numbers starting with BS are assigned to items whose main subject is the Bible.

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We use it to stand for bullshit and for Bachelor of Science.
For example, I have a BS degree in electrical engineering.
Like BelDion sometimes the pun is intended.
BS also stands for Broadcast Satellite, an analog-turned-digital satellite TV system used in Japan. The first operational BS satellite was developed by Toshiba and General Electric, and launched by NASDA in 1984 to carry NHK programming. There are currently four operational BS satellites in orbit, which carry most of Japan's popular satellite television, including NHK and WOWOW. These satellites broadcast with two main 14/12 GHz transponders each, plus one backup.

NHK and WOWOW charge separate reception fees for their programming, but since the inception of HDTV in 2000, Japan's five major terrestrial networks have offered BS service for free to any home with a receiver.

Japan's other satellite TV network, the CS system, is superior to BS in every respect, but Sky Perfect Communications currently holds a monopoly on CS and charges hefty fees for its 170-channel CS service, making BS a far more popular choice for your average Joe Sixpack in Tokyo.

BS introduced Domo-kun to the world.

BS is the prefix used to identify ROMs (dumped video game data) which originally appeared on the Satellaview system in Japan. The system was an add on for the Super Famicom which allowed users to download game files from a satellite televsion channel called St GIGA. Often, games were released both on the Satellaview system and as stand alone Game Pak titles. This happened in the case of Cu-On-Pa, so ROM download websites which are complete will usually specify the two different ROMsets as "Cu-On-Pa" and "BS Cu-On-Pa" to avoid confusion. The ROM titles were dumped thanks to some arcane wizardry, but either way, most of them can now be found floating around the Internet.

The BS prefix comes from the alternate name for the Satellaview; the BS-X which is presumably in reference to the Broadcast Satellite of sekicho's above writeup. Previously, all my BS writeups said that Bandai was a company involved in helping Nintendo make the Satellaview but I have it on good authority that although this is a very widespread belief, it is untrue.

yerricde says "BS-X is probably the same thing that the "-X" stands for at the beginning of a PlayStation EXE's header."

There are a very large amount of BS ROMs available, not least because some games were so big that they were released in a number of different parts. The ones which have been noded on E2 are:

If you node some more of these great forgotten games, or you know some that I've missed, please don't hesitate to /msg me.

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