A term used among staffers at Boy Scout camps referring to the altered perception (aka lowered standards) of males who have been surrounded by other males (and few to no females) for long enough of the camp season. More simply, having "camp goggles" is the condition of wanting to bang chicks you'd normally consider super fugly because you've been around boys way too damn long.

Camp goggles have interesting effects in terms of female staffers. Generally, one of two extremes occurs. In one scenario, the female staffer becomes so intensely attractive that the male staffer loses the ability to steal glances at her chest and butt inconspicuously, and sexual tensions rise so greatly that he is unable to keep his cool around her and must either avoid her, act incredibly stupid around her (much like a pubescent boy), or successfully seduce her (only possible if (1) she isn't already dating someone - and most female staffers are smart enough to make it known that they aren't available, or (2) she doesn't think he's a complete moron, which is unfortunately fairly likely if he's having this can't-stop-staring problem). In the other scenario, the female staffer becomes so sexless to the male staffer that he loses his physical attraction to her and gets on with his life like a good boy. This is more prevalent with younger males and older females, who can build a more maternal relationship, and also more prevalent with females who are either ugly as shit in the first place (delaying the camp goggle effect long enough for the male to establish a solidly asexual relationship first) or whose personalities stifle sexual attraction (for example, intensely awkward girls or super-bitches with no bullshit tolerance). It is safe to say that ugly, awkward, or no-nonsense girls are the safest from camp goggles and generally will have the most successful experience as Boy Scout camp employees.

I was asked by lizardinlaw if the reverse of this phenomenon happens at Girl Scout camps, and I must admit, I've never worked at a Girl Scout camp so I honestly haven't got a clue. I suspect it does, to different degrees and with different results. If you have witnessed it, please enlighten us!
It has been brought to my attention that a similar term, core goggles, is used by guys in drum core who experience a similar scenario.
I'd also like to mention that these are stereotypes, aren't I awful and this isn't funny, and if you want to pick the whole guys-staring-at-girls'-chests fight this is the wrong node (whichever side you're on, see link above and fume inwardly please), and the last little bit about needing to be ugly or awkward or mean is so cruel and sexist, but you know, it was meant to be amusing in an unfortunate sort of way, and instead of having a problem with it I hope that we can all recognize that all girls have some sort of awkward and/or no-nonsense side and we all ought to learn to embrace it anyhow because it's lovely, really, and endearing, and that's what succeeding as a female in a male world (not calling the Earth a male world, calling Scout camp a male world) ends up being about - being endearing in a completely asexual way because eventually testosterone gets the better of us. And it totally does, because girls, when you're surrounded by 400 guys every day of the week and only 3 other girls, you better believe you end up horny too. That's how hormones work; we can smell them on each other. Nuts, right? Speaking of smelling, since ugly doesn't really exist (because have you ever noticed that once you like someone they always start to look good?), you can turn on the anti-sex vibe by using soaps and shampoos and deodorants that don't smell like girls. Get some Old Spice up in those pitty-pits, ladies. You didn't come here to get cock, you came here to work, so quit wearing perfume; it attracts mosquitoes anyways.
Disclaimer: This is absolutely NOT intended to be a reflection on the Boy Scouts of America (or any other country), or any member of such an organization or even anyone affiliated with it. It's just a silly observation of what happens to dudes when there's just not enough pussy to go around.

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