Euphemism used to refer to a collegiate corporate whore -- that is, someone who has sold him/herself out to a corporation in exchange for some sort of compensation. During the dot-com boom, many "college sites" such as CollegeClub, eCampus, and paid students to give out flyers, t-shirts, and other such novelties. When their targets bought something, and entered in some referral code, the rep would get a commission. Of course, the reps also had automatic discounts, more free stuff, and bonuses for good performance.

Most campus reps will stand outside in a commonly traveled area on campus, handing out flyers to passersby. Another common tactic is to slip flyers under dorm room doors. I have had a campus rep walk right up to me, in my room, and demand that I visit the web site she was paid to hawk. I did so only to get her out of my face.

The poetic justice about this is that many vendors paid their campus reps in stock options. VarsityGroup, which trades for 36 cents a share on the OTC exchange, has given away thousands of options that are now worthless. The free t-shirts that the reps received are worth more than their stock, just based on the cost of the materials.

Marketers usually solicit students through vague ads in the school newspaper promising to help them MAKE MONEY FAST. Often, they will also pay leaders of student organizations and sports teams to hawk a product to members. This usually includes posting messages to campus message boards (virtual and physical alike) to promote the product or site. Of course, most people don't spoof the headers when posting things, making them incredibly easy to turn in.

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