An oft misused word.

Celibacy means not getting married. Most priests must take a vow of Celibacy.

Chastity means "not having sex." This is NOT what celibate means, although most of the world seems to confuse this.

Something every English teacher should tell their kids, it'll fix the world.(if they're not embarrassed by it)

Cel"i*bate (?), n. [L. aelibatus, fr. caelebs unmarried, single.]


Celibate state; celibacy.


He . . . preferreth holy celibate before the estate of marrige. Jer. Taylor.


One who is unmarried, esp. a bachelor, or one bound by vows not to marry.


© Webster 1913.

Cel"i*bate, a.

Unmarried; single; as, a celibate state.


© Webster 1913.

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