Charticle is print journalism jargon for the portmanteau of chart and article. A charticle is a form of infographic but an infographic is not necessarily a charticle.

A typical news article may include a small graphic or picture to support the point being made. A charticle then would be the inverse of that in that it is predominantly a large graphic with smaller bits of pithy text. The idea being that less words simplifies communication and makes for a more accessible reading experience.

Charticles are often shared online as a memes or printed in a periodical.

Some would think that the charticle is a bad thing. There is some division amongst journalists as to the validity of the charticle. 

Like anything, a charticle may be done well or it may be done poorly. Having a good graphics designer who communicates well with the journalist makes a huge difference. Having the two be the same person could be even better. Some of xkcd could be considered charticles.

Charticle: cool concept, dumb word.

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