This is a quest! To run January 15 to February 15, 2021.

Now that we've all run our credit cards up and are staring at the price of bread and circuses, aka gasoline, with mounting horror, we need cheap entertainment.

Part I: What do YOU do for cheap entertainment?
logs, fiction, how to, recipes

We have some categories. These are to be legal cheap entertainment. Someone else can run the shadow illegal cheap entertainment quest.

1a. What we did for cheap fun BEFORE Covid-19.

b. What we do for cheap fun during Covid-19.


2a. Fun alone

2b. Fun with friends


3a. Cheap eats in

3b. Cheap eats out

Entries could fall into more than one category.


Part II: What happened when I tried your weird ideas. These are logs, I think.

Try someone else's idea of fun. Node it. Did it work or was it a weird horrible flop? Can you at least entertain us with the description of the weird horrible flop? You could make it up, too. How the hell would we know?

Tem42 points out that logs would be perfectly acceptable. Here is my example: Second Hand Shopping Fun.

If people are interested, message me. I think this quest could run from January 15 to February 15. I need some other judges and an editor sponsor, but first we need to know if there is interest.

Interested noders:

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