This is the new CD recently released by Less Than Jake. Although some people have described it as either too different or not different enough from other Less Than Jake releases, it has been generally recieved as a quite good cd, worthy of the Less Than Jake title, and as good as their other major cds, Losers, Kings, and Things we dont Understand, Pezcore, Losing Streak and Hello Rockview. This cd focuses on growing up, changing, being stuck in a small town, and leaving for a better place, as well as the token themes of girls, the scene, and getting drunk; much like other Less Than Jake releases. The music is refined and varies from harder 'rock' type songs like Gainesville Rock City to slower songs like Look What Happened. Here are the songs:

1.Magnetic North - a good start to the cd
3.Suburban Myth
4.Look What Happened - a slower song, LTJ referred to this as a 'ballad'. Not everyone likes it but i think its one of the best on the cd; very emotional (but not emo)
5.Hell Looks A Lot Like L.A.
6.Mr. Chevy Celebrity
7.Gainesville Rock City - this song is awesome, its more 'rock' style, its too short though.
8.Malt Liquor Tastes Better When You've Got Problems - The title of this song kicks so much ass... although it's a good song anyway
9.Bad Scene And A Basement Show - about 'the scene' having a girl problem.. its a good song but let me know if you figure it out...
10.Is This Thing On?
11.Pete Jackson Is Getting Married - awesome song, gotta love the little sound effects in the background
13.Last Hour Of The Last Day Of Work
14.Bigger Picture

Insanely good album! Being a LTJ fan I was pretty sure I'd like this CD. I picked up this CD two days ago and it has been pretty much playing non-stop. I can't get enough of it.

It was originally going to be released on the major label they were on. But after a change of contacts and a slew of problems they got out of their contract with Capital and looked for an inde label. They ended up releasing it on Fat Wreck Chords (yay!). Recorded at Grand Master Studios. Mixed by Bill Stevenson and Stephan Egerton from All/Descendents. Produced by Steve Kravac.

Special bonus: The back of the CD has a spinner that reveals how far some towns across the world are from Gainsville, FL. See you can learn to! DYK London, England is 4,332 miles from Gainsville?

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