(RL counterpart: Chuck Bueche)

Lord British' court jester who appears in some parts of Ultima series (at least U4, U6 and U7BG, I'm not sure of other parts and I've played less of them...).

He has a rather strange sense of humor. ("What did the duck say to the Avatar? 'Ankh Ankh!'" (U6))

However, he serves as the source of important hints. Of course, sometimes the clues can not be easily extracted from him - threats of violence against his person are not enough to make this jester serious. For example, in Ultima VII, getting an important hint from him requires playing "the Game", which seems to have an entirely backwards logic - and the hint comes on a scroll that describes how to keep the Avatar occupied for hours and hours and...

I'd say he's an amusing character... if he happens to be talking to someone else.

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