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A candy manufactured by Henry Heide, Inc, who is in turn owned by Hershey. A "semi-hard" chewy candy--much firmer than gummy bears yet softer than licorice gems. Soft enough to chew, sucking isn't mandatory. They have that funny aftertaste that a lot of firmer gummies tend to have, the one that's really kind of impossible to describe unless you eat them but is best described as starchy.

The flavors are very, very odd.
* green-mint
* yellow-lemon
* red-"red" candy flavor--cherry or strawberry or SOMETHING
* orange-orange
* purple/black-licorice

The shapes are even weirder. They're randmly distributed, no flavor going with any shape.
* mini ear of corn
* tiny pineapple
* slight curve with HEIDE stamped into it
* "gem"-round disk with a lot of bumps on it, reall looks like a thimble
weird thing that looks like a grape cluster but isn't, just three rows of dots
* curve with four raised large bumps on it
* "flower" of the kind small kids draw--circle for center, five circles for pedals

nutrition facts:
serving size one box (2.1 oz/59 g)
calories: 200
total fat: 0 g, 0%
sodium: 45 g, 2%
total carbs: 51 g 17%
-sugars: 40 g
protein: 0 g

ingredients: corn syrup; sugar; cornstarch; natural and artifical flavorings; petrolatum; confectionery glaze; and artificial coloring (includes red 40; yellow 6; yellow 5; and blue 1)

nutritional information taken from the box of jujyfruits sitting on my laptop

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