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Quite possibly one of the most glorious events in existence:

Here's how it always went... so there's this friend, we'll call him G. G's family owns a big church, not a worship church, but a party church. This party church is decked out. Nice big dining table on the ground floor - gorgeous outdoor open air kitchen with two sinks, two stoves, a massive stereo and about all the wine in the world - an entire second floor of just beds - and most importantly, a big round, deep, wood burning hot tub that should seat about 8 but we squeezed 20 into.

Naked, drunk college kids away from college in the boonies of Western New York for three days when they should be studying is a good thing. There might not be better things.

iDEATH was frequently there. So was the hammock.

Yes, iDEATH was naked. So was I. So were we all. Imagine that. Even Spacklequeen also showed his naked tushie.

theFez claims he will participate at the next church party - so for all you fez lovers I will hopefully have fezzie nudie pics too. Rejoice.

All of this was wholesome goodness.

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