Picture this...

(Scene 1) A dark room. Cool air. Clock ticking. Fingers tapping keys. The room is dimly lit by the glow of a computers monitor. Before it sits a youth, probably in their late teens, if not early twenties.

(Cut to the clock) Read: "3am".

(Cut to a bed) Still made, very neat. Although on top of it lie maybe 4 or 5 thick books, code books.

(Cut to the monitor) Consoles everywhere, text whizzing by.

(Follow the cursor) It's just flying by, probably at about 60wpm. Read: lots of extraneous l33t code.

(Cut to a can of soft drink) Cola of some sort, jolt? Slurp, puts the can down, and we see a pile (probably 10 or 15).

(Cut back to monitor) More code now, alongside the monitor we see a modem, (cable?,adsl?) lights flashing away like crazy. On screen the view changes, an IRC window, it quickly flashes back to the code. (It seems our coder is idling, just checking the latest messages, now back to what is at hand). More code... More code... More code...

(Special Effect) Do that matrix like thing, where we go into the monitor, in between the pixels. Loop around and stuff, see lots of nice machine code, then back out.

The code is finished. Our coder enters a prompt for their first compile attempt, types out the compiler command and flags in the blink of an eye. Lines go flying by as it compiles. No errors? More lines. Still no errors? It finishes. NO ERRORS! NO WARNINGS!

The coder slumps back into their chair (come to think of it, a nice modern spinny office chair), and presses the enter key.

-=We see the program=-

-=We are amazed=-

(Stay tuned...)

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